My Art is a personal journey of paint and materials that seek to understand the inner life of what we can’t say or need to express. Through the process images appear and forms take shape with intended and unintended purpose.

As it continues questions are answered and others surface to bring closure for some and search for others. Today the work reflects evolution of the art and the opportunity to discover beyond the visual surface.

The hope is that the art will be able to connect with someone experiencing emotions of their own and open the mind up to possibilities for a better existence.

Translating a soul search into images and light
Nurtured by the holder of the two
A window in his fire, his rain, his life
That we can in some way relate to
Spirit and Passion
Nature and Experience
The stories you tell you never knew
Connecting in ways you never thought
                                           Heidi C. Hust-Cabrera

Ron Hust